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Globalwriters Inc has highly experienced in-house writers that specialize in different niches and writing styles which make it possible for us to offer customers a wide range of writing services. Customers can get custom content for Website copywriting, SEO content writing, Blog articles, EBooks, Affiliate and content marketing, Product descriptions, Press Release, Creative writing, Custom content writing.

Our content writing process

We follow a simple but effective content writing process that allows us to deliver high-quality content that meets our clients’ objectives.

1. We begin by consulting with the client to understand the goals of the project.
2. Topic research
3. Planning and structuring
4. The first draft is written
5. Revision and edits by a third party
6. Scanning of the content for plagiarism on Copyscape
7. Delivery of the content to the client for review, revision, and approval.

Website Copywriting

Every website needs well-written, original and unique content that engage its visitors. From the minute a visitor lands on your landing page, they need to be captivated and compelled into interacting with the website.

The writers at Globalwriters Inc provide an excellent website copywriting service that is customized according to client needs.

Our website copywriting service includes Landing page content, About us, Services, and other custom pages

Why should you hire our copywriters?

Here are some of the top reasons you need to hire our team:

SEO Content Writing

We offer an incredible SEO content writing service for website and blog articles. Our writers are proficient with search engine optimization, in fact, we have been providing on-page SEO services for a while and as such we are confident that we can deliver SEO ready to post articles.

Our SEO content writing will:

• improve your search engine ranking
• allow you to grow and drive organic traffic to your blog, website or social media platforms
• increase the visibility of your articles and or posts

Why should you use our SEO Content writing service?

The online industry has become very competitive, making visibility the most sought after online commodity. The public uses search engines to find relevant websites and posts, and as such, online content needs to be optimized for high rankings on search engine results pages.

Our talented and skilled writers will:

Blog Articles

Running and maintaining a blog is a task that demands total commitment. A blog needs to be constantly updated with useful and high-quality content to keep the readers interested and visiting the blog frequently. We offer a highly customized blog content writing service designed to meet all of our clients’ needs.

The writers at Globalwriters Inc are experienced in writing for many different niches including technology, medical and fitness, affiliate marketing, lifestyle, adult content and relationships, and more.

For all your blog articles, we provide a solution that works. We take our time to understand our client’s blog, it’s objectives and it’s audience. By understanding our client’s needs and what they need to achieve with their blog post, we are able to produce blog articles that deliver the required results.

Premium WordPress Posts

We also provide premium WordPress services for a very small additional fee. With the premium service we will:

EBook Writing

EBooks are one of the leading content marketing tools, they can dramatically improve the exposure of any particular business be it affiliate marketing, life coaching or conventional business promotion. However, the impact, reception, and success of an eBook depend on the quality of the content and its layout. Globalwriters Inc will provide you with an incredible eBook writing service of the highest grade. Our writers will take your ideas and draft them into an engaging eBook that keeps the readers interested from the very first page to the last.

Our eBook planning and writing process is quick and effective with involvement from the client to produce highly customized content. All we need to get started on your eBook is a skeleton outline of the eBook and a short description of the objectives and aims of the book. In order to better capture all of your ideas, we offer a one-on-one chat with one of the writers, this way you will discuss all the important aspects of your project in real time.

Our eBook writing service offers:

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